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As a deeply involved player in the cannabis industry, Teqa Capital strives to stay up to date with news and information relevant to investors and entrepreneurs. This section is intended to provide resources and keep you informed of our activities.

Guide to the Regulatory Framework of the Swiss Medical Cannabis Program

In Switzerland, products containing hemp, or Cannabis Sativa L. (cannabis), are regulated by a set of laws and regulations that are intertwined, complex and create a level of legal uncertainty that lawmakers have realised needs to be addressed. The main tenets surrounding cannabis are covered in a diverse range of regulatory areas including  narcotics, therapeutic products, health insurance, foodstuff, chemicals, cosmetic, utility articles, tobacco substitutes, and plant varieties and seeds.Authored by Teqa Capital advisor Daniel Haymann, this guide provides an overview of the most important aspects of cannabis laws and regulations in Switzerland. Download the guide here

Israel’s Public Companies: An Overlooked Opportunity?

This article, published on the ICBC website, is based on an interview conducted by Laura Herschlag, partner in Teqa Capital, Click here to read the article.